The Art of Love
The Art of Love (23.02.2007)
Album CD, Virgin Ger (EMI)

01 What d'ya think of me
M:Jens Gad L:Sandra Cretu

02 The Way I am
M:Jens Gad L:S.Cretu/Gad/Donalds

03 The Art of Love
M:Jens Gad L:Sandra Cretu

04 What is it about me
M:Sela/Gad L:Sela/Gad/Winston/Mc Kenzie

05 Dear God..if you exist
M:Jens Gad L: Sandra Cretu

06 Silence beside me
M:Jens Gad L:Sandra Cretu

07 Once upon a time
Music:F.Cuidad/J.Gad L:Sandra Cretu

08 Put your arms around me
ML: Sinead O'Connor/Rick Nowels

09 What's left to say
M:F.Cuidad/J.Gad L:John Fischer

10 Casino Royale

11 Love is the Price(with DJ BoBo)

12 Shadow of Power
M:F.Cuidad/J.Gad L:S. Cretu

13 All you Zombies

Produced by Jens Gad
recorded,mixed,mastered at Gad Studios, Ibiza
guitars,bass,livedrums,and programming by Jens Gad

Koto on "The Art of Love" by Miyabi Sudo

Violin on "The Art of Love" by Santi the violin"

Background vocals on "What is it about me" by Kim Sanders